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St Mawes Bakery

St Mawes Bakery

The St Mawes bakery produces a range of foods, not just pasties. On the list are bacon bites, pasty pie, sausage roles, buns, roles, safron buns, cakes, flapjacks and a whole lot more. We also do teas and coffee! If you need a large quantity of a particular item, please give us a day or two's notice to avoid disapointment. Where are we? On the village quay!

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Random photos

Victory Inn St Mawes
St Mawes Gigs
St Mawes working boat
St Mawes Fish Bar
St Mawes Carnival 4
Summers Beach St Mawes
St Mawes Winter
Working boat 2
Boat Launch
Working boat 3
Freshwater Boatyard