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Storm surge hits St Mawes

6 February 2014 - 7:19pm
Storm surge
The square
Spring tide
The Harbour
Idle Rocks
Front street flooding
Binmen dodging the waves
Tavern beach
Tavern beach Spring tide
St Mawes Quay

An interesting time in the village, the spring tides coupled with some deep low's have created some very high tides and winds and caused problems throughout the south west. St Mawes was hit hard and there' more to come. Residents of the village say they havent seen such violent sea's before, reinforcing the fact that this is quite unique. In addition January was one of the wettest seen, the fourth wettest since '75, and that brought its own problems inland with extensive flooding.
Here's a few photos of a stormy spring tide!

Random photos

Crowd gather on St Mawes Quay
Up the river
St Mawes Carnival 4
Working boat 4
St Mawes Carnival 6
Charles and Camilla in Bakery
St Mawes Quay
Wooden Boat
Roseland Gig Club
Gig Racing
Prince Charles