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Truro Cornwall

Truro Cornwall

Located along half the length of the county of Cornwall and juxtaposition between the English Isle’s north and south coasts, the city of Truro finds itself strategically situated and this has encouraged its advancement as Cornwall's administrative centre and more recently as a touring and vacation centre. Having a good road and rail network makes it easy to travel to almost every part of the county.

Because of its closeness to the where the Truro and Fal rivers meet, Truro became an important port and tin mining centre in it earlier history. For centuries its port rivaled that of Falmouth in terms of trade by sea, but eventually lost that battle. Truro then became a place where high affluence flourished and many famous and wealthy people once lived there. In 1877 Truro became a chartered city and within three years the foundations for a cathedral way laid and the building of which took thirty years.

Truro possesses all the amenities and social institutions inspite of its size, including Crown Courts and city, county and district offices. The city centre is dominated by the cathedral and adds to the ambience of Truro.

Truro is now Cornwall’s main area of tourism, business and administration and some of the more interesting places to visit are:

Truro Cathedral
Completed in 1910 the building of the cathedral was funded by public subscription in the county of Cornwall. The walls of the cathedral are made of Cornish granite and the statues that litter the building, are carve in Bath stone. Visitors to the cathedral can tour of the cathedral and its property.

The Royal Cornwall Museum
This museum has collections of art and artifacts and other pieces that represent the history of Cornwall from the early times of the county’s existence. The Royal Cornwall Museum has collections such as pottery, the Rashleigh mineral collection and natural history exhibits. The art gallery includes paintings done by the locals and also some well-known Cornish artist. Throughout the year the museum plays host to visiting exhibitions.

Coinage Hall
When tin was the dominant product in the early 14th century Truro became a stannary town. Smelted tin was tested and analyzed, and then stamped before it was sold and exported at the coinage hall.

City Hall
The City Hall houses the Mayor's Parlour and the offices of the Truro City Council. The hall is of 19th century Italianate design adorned with a clock, that was donated by an anonymous donor shortly after the original clock tower was destroyed by fire in 1914.

Passmore Edwards Library
Once known as the Library and Technical School, it was afforded by John Passmore Edwards, and designed by architect, Silvanus Trevail. One of th features of the library is the three coats of arms sculptured into the façade which shows the crest of the Prince of Wales, Cornwall, and the city of Truro.

Possessing a lot of the social facilities for the total enjoyment and leisure, complimented by the beautiful and historic Cornish countryside, Truro offers more than enough to all who come to see it.

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