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UFOs found off St Mawes shores

5 August 2008 - 11:29pm

Recently there have been a number of UFO's (unidentified floating objects) found in the seas around St Mawes and Falmouth. These stainless steel balls of intrigue have had us guessing as to their true purpose.

UFO Found at St MawesThe St Mawes Enginneering Group & Sailors, (S.M.E.G.S) have concluded they are too heavy for weather balloons or radiosondes, too heavy for suface buoys, and they're not ticking, neither do they contain any suspicious solids so unexploded ordnance have been ruled out!

Now its over to you to help figure out what these could be. When found they were attached to what looked like a rubber drogue or balloon, perhaps to keep them 'suspended' at a particular depth to monitor ocean currents? A very long wire was also attached believed to be a VLF aerial.

What initially got our attention here at SMEG HQ, was the lack of any conventional power source. Batteries were NOT included with these mysterons. It appears they generate power via Piezoelectricity, as four 'plates' are mounted around a finely positioned central column. On board the main circuit board is what we think is a Flux Gate Compass, presumably so the UFO know's where its going - or been.

The components on the PCB have no, or few, identifiers which makes one wonder if its origins were MOD based, though we havent yet rung them to find out!

Some conclusions:

  1. Too heavy for a radiosonde (weather balloon)
  2. Generates own power - possibly signifying it was intended for a long operational duration.
  3. No markings (or limited) on the components
  4. Very long wire was attached - VLF aerial?
    No exterior markings

Well, if you have any ideas let us know using the comments box below, and some more photos of the object can be found HERE.

NOTE: If you want to get your hands on this, it will shortly be going on EBAY! 

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