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The 'Big Freeze' - What big freeze?

19 December 2010 - 12:00am

While the rest of the country may be going through arduous snowy conditions and sub zero tempertures, St Mawes has escaped almost all of it!

There has been the odd snow flurry for a few minutes with very little settlement and the coldest its been is about -4c, so if you're getting fed up of the snow, why not come down  to St Mawes and escape it all!

Currently (18th) its 4 dregrees, reasonably clear skies, a light breeze and no snow is sight.

Random photos

Pilot Cutter
Working boat 3
River Percuil
Eve of St Mawes
Fish festival 2
St Mawes Fish Bar
Fish festival 7
Up the river
St Mawes Castle Cornwall
MFV Celestial Dawn
Charles - Camilla - Bill and Scruff