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Veryan - Roseland Peninsula


Veryan is set in the mid part of the Roseland Peninsula just a few minutes from two large beaches, Pendower beach and Carne beach. As with all the villages, Veryan has a strong sense of community and many of the the older traditions of the parish are still carried on today. Local legends, as with most Cornish communities, exist in many forms in Veryan and one such legend suggests that King Gerennius, a Cornish Saint was buried along with a boat made from gold with oars of silver at Carne Beacon, just one mile from Veryan. Sadly no archaeologist has of yet found any evidence of this!

Veryan Cornwall. Veryan has become well known for its Devil defying round houses that apparently make it awkward for the devil to hide as there are not any corners on the building! Today, however, the Veryan roundhouse's have been extended with conventional devil friendly square buildings!

The sports ground at Veryan is very comprehensive and holds numerous cricket matches in the summer and is accompanied with a well stock club bar. Perfect for summer evenings. The village has one pub, The New Inn, that offers excellent food, award winning beer, and comfortable accommodation. Close by in the village of Portloe, there is another Pub – The Ship Inn.

Random photos

Working boat St Mawes
Eve of St Mawes
Peter Green - Celestial Dawn
Crowd gather on St Mawes Quay
Camilla and Lawrence
Primary school
St Mawes Carnival 7
St Mawes Harbour
Charles - Camilla - Bill and Scruff
Wooden Boat
Up the river